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SBS Global Services is a Bangalore; India based fast growing Financial Accounting Knowledge Process Organization. We have an impeccable track record of more than one hundred delighted Customers across geographies. The successful practice of our sister concern Chartered Accountancy firm, over the past fifteen years, paved the way for the establishment of SBS Global Services in the year 2006. The expertise of our leadership with a rich and long professional career background and the client equity acquired over the years powered SBS Global Services during the take-off.

Kindly refer our websites - sbsglobalservices; sbsindia

We offer professional, customized and cost-efficient Off-shoring services to meet particular requirements of our Clients and specific projects, in Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Financial Statements & Consolidation, Taxation & Compliance, Back Office Transactions Processing, Contract Review & Reconciliation, India Entry Services, Overseas Entity Formation & Support services. Our proven KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) model has immensely benefited our Clients from across the world over the past six years. Our clients are located across the world in regions such as USA, Europe, South East Asia and GCC apart from India. SBS currently serves Clients from a wide spectrum of industries including Manufacturing, Construction, Apparel, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Energy Management, Professional Services, Retail, Health & Wellness, Telecom, Insurance, Trading, Hospitality, Logistics and Education.

SBS Global Services has a young and enterprising team of professionals and staff who can support organizations in a cost effective and efficient manner. We give high importance to quality and have been delivering a six sigma quality output to our customers. We ensure high quality through six sigma methodologies and quality checks. The adherence to TAT is done through careful planning and implementation of the processes.

The key impacts of our Off-shored services for our clients include:

1. Cost Saving - Cost and currency arbitrage along with our collaborative approach enables substantial savings in cost of Finance & Accounting Operations.

2. Increased Process Efficiency - Significantly Improved Turn Around Time in the F & A functions.
3. Enhanced Productivity levels - Outsourced F & A operations to SBS professionals brings in enhanced efficiencies.
4. Process Standardization -Standardization of process enables growth
5. Vastly improved Customer Satisfaction levels - Focus on Customer facing activities leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.
6. Focus on core business issues - Relieved of operational pains in F & A, managerial band width is freed up to focus on core business issues.
7. Growth & Turn Around - Growth & Turn Around through the combined effect of the above factors.

SBS Global Services adopts strictly compliant IT Security policies to ensure client's date safety and security. These policies reflect the ethical principles of the Organization and indicate the privileges, responsibilities and safety of the Organization computing environment. The factors indicating IT Security:

1. Highly secure network ensures the smooth functioning of a Knowledge Process Organization.
2. Online and offline back up and support for critical business data.
3. Linux based firewalls to safeguard the network from virus attacks.
4. Double back up power supply (Generators, UPS).
5. Intrusion detection/ prevention system.
6. Digital authorization of access control to clients secured access folder.
7. Employees are not allowed to bring any of the magnetic devices into the office premises.
8. Employees are not allowed to attempt to circumvent data protection schemes, to uncover security loopholes, to "hack" into systems or to interfere with the intended operation of the computer resources.
9. Employees are not allowed to interfere in any way with data belonging to another employee, nor should they access or make unauthorized copies of data belonging to another employee.
10. All customer related documents are saved in specific folders on the server.
11. Employees are not allowed to connect equipment to the organization network, except in areas designated for such purposes.
12. Computer accounts, passwords and other types of authorization that are assigned to employees should not be shared with others.

SBS Global Services takes utmost care to ensure the process transition in a safe and secure environment. We strictly restrict the entry of employees by having the Bio Metric Access Control. All visitors need to be referenced by any of the employees pertaining to their area of operations. Factors indicating the security measures adopted by SBS:

1. A well documented Customer Property Management Process.
2. Every employee of SBS Global Services signs a mandatory Non Disclosure Agreement.
3. Customer Documentation Control to ensure that the documents are up to date.
4. Hard copy of documents is not allowed to be taken out of the premises.
5. CCTV systems installed for monitoring and security purposes.

The reasons for SBS Global Services to remain as a chosen partner for clients?

SBS Global Services takes pride in having a pedigree of accountants with a combined top management and professional experience of over 200 years. The very fact that SBS Global Services has been involved in Financial Accounting KPO Industry for quite a long period of time ease of our reputed partner's business pressures as we deliver quality and dependable service. Partners reap the best of both worlds benefits including a proven team of organized professionals, and the hassle free convenience of knowing that their clients requirements will be delivered 'on-time, guaranteed'. All these factors clubbed together ensure that our reputed partners/clients receive best of breed solutions with proven expertise.

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